I & E Trade Consultants
Top of the line professional consultants in India's export import trade matters   


WOS/JV/FIPB approval from Reserve Bank of India (if required)

Scope & Extent of


1.      Checking of the documents received to ensure conformity with requirement.

2.      Preparation of Project report/application 

3.      Submission 

4.      Follow up with Reserve Bank of India   

5.      Preparation and submission of additional information, if any. 

6.      Follow up till issuance of JV/WOS approval (PAN)  from Reserve Bank of India  .

Duration of activity

45 working days ( from getting complete Information)

Professional fees

Case to case basis depending upon nature & extent of involvement

Documents required

1.       Profile of Company

2.       Suggested names

3.       Brief of Project, type of activity, nature of operations

4.       List of Directors with details like nationality, address in India & abroad,

5.       justification of the project with financial projections and funding sources

6.       Address of the proposed office, factory if any etc

7.       Bank account details

8.       Blank letter heads